Why does the blade on my Table saw get hot and burn the edges of the wood being cut?

Let me give you some of my observations, in the hope that my experience can help solve your problem.
Burning wood is usually an indication that the saw blade has become dull or gummed up;  In most cases it is time to change the blade.
A cheap saw (and some good saws) may not hold some settings well. recheck the fence, true everything up, and test it before cutting.
Make sure you have a sharp blade and it is running in the correct direction (not a misprint – I have seen sawblades installed backwards). 
Consider cleaning any gum or build-up with something like Router Bit and Saw Blade Cleaning Kit – Power Router Accessories – Amazon.com
A dull saw blade will “burn” through the wood due to increased friction, and is the most common problem as the blade is used.  the wrong saw blade will also cause this problem.
Make sure you have the right blade for the job, and it is at the correct height for the cut. Even a new blade can be defective, look at it carefully to determine that it is sharp.
Consider infeed and outfeed support for the wood to be cut, and consider building a sled for cross-cutting. You can buy plans (or a whole miter sled) on Ebay.  You also should have a an outfeed roller for supporting work that extends beyond the saw blade.
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I also wax my tables and the fence with auto paste wax so that the stock can pass easily over the saw table. This eliminates pushing hard into the blade, which causes errors in feed speed and potential for accidents. 
Take a good, hard look at your wood stock – is it old and case-hardened? [1] [2]
Are the edges against the fence straight and true?
it’s also a good idea to have some experienced friends look at your setup, and give you some advice.
Do some reading too, books have tremendous knowledge when it comes to woodworking. 
Best of luck with your saw. Remember to wear safety equipment and gloves – use push sticks, and take care!
Thanks for reading my blog!- Alan
I hope you found my point of view enlightening and informative.