The Chenkin Workshop is dedicated to the skills no longer taught in schools, but learned by rote and example.  I hope you will become more proficient in completing projects, and make things that improve your daily life!

Alan Chenkin comments on current events, Woodworking, The Arts, Energy, Finance, Transportation, Travel, Photography, and issues affecting our lives.

Alan Worked his way through college “swinging a hammer”, refacing kitchens and doing teak work on boats.  After Graduating College, he started a cabinet shop using the 32mm construction system, became a member of the AWI, and grew the business until 1989, when Home Depot moved into the area.  While still a woodworker at heart, He switched professions from Cabinetry to technology, and kept up his skills in both areas.

Alan is an entrepreneur, a “Most Viewed” Author on Quora.com, A consultant on Management and Technology issues to Fortune 500 companies, Bitcoin miner, Chief Election Judge in Montgomery County, and a trusted advisor to his Family, Friends, and readers.

Alan is the Editor of the Compliance News Guide and CMking.com.Alan Chenkin has over 20 years’ experience in Technology Implementation and Management Consulting.  His focus has been working with both start-ups and rapid growth companies to solve problems and reduce risk in new technology implementations, mergers and new business ventures. As a trusted advisor to executive and technical staff, he has held senior roles with the Army Corps of Engineers, EMC, TD Waterhouse Securities, Equifax, DHS and Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

Alan Chenkin holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Long Island University and a Certificate in Project Management from Stony Brook University.

Alan currently resides in the Washington DC area.  He is a collector of watches and Casino memorabilia.  In his spare time he enjoys woodworking , custom carpentry, and fixing things.

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