What is the best 14″ bandsaw for home use?

Alan Chenkin, Owned a Cabinet shop for 10 years, and was an AWI Member.

The best bandsaws have professional features.
Look for ball bearing roller guides for the saw blade, vs. steel blocks on the cheaper bandsaws. The saw should also have an easy to change blade system, and dust extraction.
Look at this from the web:
Two Bandsaws I like:
My favorite was an old Delta, rusty, noisy, cantankerous – but great to learn on. Sometimes you can find one used in the classifieds or at a yard sale. Unless it is the bargain of a lifetime, most people only buy one or two bandsaws in their lives; it’s a major shop purchase (like a jointer or table saw) and should not be a hasty decision.
Read up:
If your shop is small, you can mount the saw on wheels, so you can store it out of the way.  You can get a wheel kit like this one: 
Adjustable Mobile Base HTC2000 for Power Tools by HTC
Your bandsaw is one of the most useful tools in the shop. It can cut thicker Stock than your table saw, and do fancy scroll-work. Make sure you have the right blades and it will be a valued addition to your work shop.
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