What is an alternative for a hot glue gun?

By Alan Chenkin, Uses glue all the time, for fun and woodworking projects

You can’t beat a Hot Glue Gun for convenience and utility, but sometimes you need a backup plan.  It takes time for the glue gun to heat up, it has to be plugged in (unless it’s a cordless glue gun), you might be out of glue, or it is lost or broken.  I have lined up some good choices for that backup plan!
These are glue dots. used in craft work, gift baskets, balloon art, and more.Amazon.com: Glue Dots .5 Removable Dot Sheets Value Pack-600 Clear Dots
Works well when you can’t use heat, or have no access to electricity (for a glue gun).
If you need something more substantial, try
There are also spray adhesives, for temporary or permanent attaching.
If you have any specifics, I have other ideas.  Feel free to contact me about Contact Cement and Crazy Glue!
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