Father Adams Irish Coffee – For St. Patrick’s day (And almost any day!)

–Dedicated to my Late friend, Thomas Adams.

Father Adam’s Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish coffee never appealed to me, until Father Adams himself explained that I was doing it “All Wrong”, and set me on the path to a righteous cup of Irish coffee, like a dram of Irish mother’s milk.

You will need 

Irish Whiskey – Jamesons or equivalent
Irish Cream Liquor – Baileys or any good brand
Fresh brewed coffee, medium roast, without any flavors or adulteration (that means a plain cup of Joe)
Whipped cream – Fresh or from a can
Green sugar crystals – for decoration and “sugaring the rim”
Irish coffee Glasses – get a mess of ’em, invite your pals and kinfolk!


Wet the rim of the glass, and either rub green sugar crystals on it, or prepare  without the sugar garnish.

Pour in a shot of Irish whiskey
Pour in a shot of Irish cream liquor
Pour in fresh brewed coffee, filling to about a 1/2″ (one or two fingers) from the top of the glass
Add a dollop of whipped cream to the top
sprinkle some green sugar crystals to add some color.


Depending on your artistry, cleverness, and sobriety, the measurements are not “exact”, and you are invited to adjust the ingredient mix to your individual taste.  don’t be afraid to add nuts, food coloring (to the whipped cream) and more.  Be creative and enjoy this wonderful beverage!

I hope to have truly inspired you to create a drinkable dessert which will elevate you to a new level of respect and glory with your peers.   Make yours an Irish Coffee!  -Alan

Thanks for Reading my Blog on Irish coffee!