What are some tools with legendary reputation for value and reliability?

This Tool:
milwaukee sawzall Amazon
The electric model. The Newer blades help keep up, but these workhorses are nearly indestructible.
Other companies make Sawzalls, er, “Reciprocating saws“,  but lack the rock solid reliability of this beauty.
I replaced mine a few years ago when the rubber nose piece got worn. EBay buyers fought over it, running the price up almost to retail. The battery ones are nice, but this is their Grand-dad, and has some well-earned chops.
The sawzall is a versatile tool for rough work; demolition, tree pruning, pallet deconstruction, you name it. Make sure you get good bimetal or carbide blades – you need them to keep up with the cutting power of the Milwaukee.

This one is for cutting/Pruning:
This is not a tool you use every day. Certainly not for fine work.
The “Reciprocating Saw” known as the Milwaukee Sawzall makes short work when retrofitting doors and windows (I have personally split a 2×4 -the long way- IN PLACE to fit a new door jamb, on multiple occasions). It is hard to kill, and the only maintenance I do is spraying the hot blade with WD-40 once and while.
The old ones have Hex keys to fasten the blades in place, newer ones have a “keyless” mechanism so you never have to go hunting for the Allen key, a time honoured carpenter tradition. Most of us kept a spare Allen key in the tool box and had one electrical -taped to the saw’s cord.

This is the “wrench screw and clamp set” . My sawzall used up one or two while I owned it.  I keep spares in the Milwaukee case.
The Milwaukee Sawzall. Tool of Legend.  
Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Milwaukee or Freud, but I have their goods in my toolboxes.  I also own Ryobi 18 Volt reciprocating saws, because sometimes there is no outlet nearby.
Thank you for reading my Sawzall adoration, I hope you found it informative.  Feel free to share!  
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