How do you feel about wooden watches?

When you buy a wooden watch, the wood is in the case and band – and the watch usually has a quartz/metal movement that accurately tells time.
The Jord watches are nice (based on their website – I do not own one at this time), and seem to be smartly fashionable, with name brand movements.
Not all woods are suited for watch cases, as they must hold tolerance in extremes and be resistant to minor scuffing and damage.
I personally feel they are a good purchase for an occasional or dress watch. Amazon carries a lot of wooden watches as well, but look carefully at the specs. wooden watches: 
From the web:
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Are wooden watches the new thing?

Alan Chenkin, Member of NAWCC (Nat’l Assoc of Watch and Clock Collectors

Wooden watches are nothing new – there are woods that have tight grain and are machinable to close tolerances, which make for a solid, attractive, and wear-resistant wood case for a timepiece.
Many of the new watchmakers use wood as an artistic medium, and put solid movements and dials in the watch to make a very appealing watch.
If you go to the website of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors ( you can see many fine examples of wooden clocks and wristwatches, mostly antique and historic.
A well-made and sharp looking watch is an accessory that shows your attention to classy details, and makes a wonderful conversation piece. If watches are your thing, consider adding a wooden watch to your personal collection.
Many wooden watches have low price tags, and quality Quartz movements, and unique style.  This makes for a great occasional watch.  Wooden watches are conversation pieces, like wooden Briefcases, and add a nice complement to your appearance.
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