What is the best brand of tools for mechanics?

Best is very subjective.

SnapOn, Craftsman, Matco, and Husky all have Lifetime warranties. Trust me, tools can break, and it is wonderful to know you can get a free replacement. Here in the US, SnapOn and Matco will deliver tools and equipment directly to your shop, which is very convenient.

Some tools are “throwaways”, like 99 cent Philips head screwdrivers. and you should toss them when they break. They are made to fit a “price point”, not durability.  Keep in mind that when cheap tools break, you can get hurt; especially when they “give” suddenly.  Inexpensive toolsets are practical for intermittent (not daily) use.  The tools set in my trunk is a small craftsman set, which will give me the ability to make a minor repair on the car without being dependent on finding an open shop.

No matter what tools you have, keep them clean and store them well. they will last longer!

In my tool boxes you will see Craftsman, Stanley, Husky, and SnapOn.  Solid names, and reliable tools with lifetime warranties.  While I am an active woodworker, I maintain my saws, compressors, nail guns, drills, cars, and more.  This requires the Chenkin garage to have a good complement of sturdy tools and equipment.


Here are my favorite mechanics:
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Many mechanics have strong brand loyalty, and their tool dealers respect customers who give them 90% of their business. Automotive stores and the Big Box stores all have dedicated “Pro Desks” for people who make their living with tools. Choose your brands for best quality, service, and build a relationship with your dealer. It will reward you over the long run!

Best, Alan