A word on Hidden Doors and secret passageways. Have I made them? I will never tell.

Hidden doors and Secret passageways are the stuff of movie legend; the three stooges, James Bond, and others have secrets that are revealed to the audience behind a hidden door.

Secret Mirror Door, kit available on Amazon

How would you build a secret door?  Searching  “Hidden Doors” on google is where I would start. Precision and solid construction are necessary to make a good secret opening.

If you are ever in the Washington DC area, consider visiting the O Street Mansion;[1]The Mansion boasts over 100 rooms and 70 secret doors. I have been there, and it is a fun place to visit. (hint: Bring your camera- the hidden doors are awesome).
The Playboy Mansion has a secret “Elvis room”.  Not to mention the “Grotto“.
You can see a lot of images on Pinterest: Secret Rooms and Hidden Doors. and on Gizmodo: 20 Secret Passageways and Rooms Hiding in Plain Sight.

Hidden doors require some “out of the box” thinking, and need to blend into their surroundings. If you can’t find a suitable one to duplicate in your venue, you may need to consult a talented and crafty woodworker (someone like myself) to build an entryway that will be marvelously deceptive!

Edit: I just found out you can buy a pre-fabricated Bookcase Hidden Door on Amazon. Freaking amazing. Since they have already done the engineering and design, you save a lot of money buying pre-fab. (If you need a Bookcase Hidden Door).
Pre-fab wooden bookcase door
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