Hiding a closet in Plain Sight!

If you have a basement, storage room, or garage with some space for hanging storage – this tip is for you!

Closet space is at a premium in most homes, and seeing assorted clothes, jackets, and shoes from various seasons can be attractive and less than desirable.

There are several ways to solve this dilemma; firstly, you can buy a freestanding closet pole, like this one from Amazon:

closet rack

Or you can get a freestanding wardrobe, like this one:

freestanding wardrobe

Sometimes all you need is a closet rod and a shelf, but what is the easiest way to enclose it?

Wait, can’t see the closet?  How about now:

Hidden closet with hanging rod and shelf
Hidden closet with hanging rod and shelf

This 8 foot closet was made with 5 closet rod hanger brackets

Heavy Duty Shel and Rod Bracket in White

An 8 foot closet pole (or 1-1/4″ pole) can be Wood or metal.  available on Amazon.

An 8 foot shelf, 3/4″ x x 11-3/8 x 96″.  This can be a 1 x 12 pine board from your local Home depot or Lowes, or from your local hardware store.

But how do we hide it, you ask?

I used an 8 foot piece of 3/4″ EMT (electrical conduit) for the shower curtains we used.  The conduit is available at Home depot or Lowes, or from your local hardware store.  click the link for the shower curtains. (for an eight foot opening, you will need two, and the clips to hold them on the conduit). 

You will also need a mount for the shower curtain rod.  These from Amazon should do the trick, and you can mount them from the ceiling with anchors:

Stainless Steel Wardrobe Pipe Lever Ceiling Mount Bracket Closet Rod Bracket Flange Support Holder Pack of 4 (25mm/1'')

Once you have everything assembled, you have a closet and a shelf hidden in Plain sight.

Closet hidden in Plain sight!
Closet hidden in Plain sight!


Taming your Bedroom Closet

My closet demon is messiness, that tends to get worse over time.
I have to make a conscious effort to get rid of old, ill fitting, or worn clothing, and find time to try on everything in the closet that may not fit right, or look right.

How To Organize A Closet: Closet Organization Ideas and Closet Storage Solutions (Organization, Planning and Time Management Book 1)

Some favorite shoes in a pile, that are way past their usable life? – I had to learn to let go.

You also have to put everything away when it comes back from the wash or dry cleaners.

Too many hangers?  gotta go, gotta go!

Get bins for camera stuff, accessories, coin collections, etc. Clear things off the floor, get a shoe racktie rack, etc. Whatever makes sense.

It may not happen in a day (without extreme measures), but it can be done.

If necessary, get a closet organizer (from the big box store, container store, etc.) and carefully look at everything before putting it away.  Strong lighting helps identify stained, worn, aging or discolored goods.  Be ruthless – you can always get more.

Good luck with taming your closet demons!  Fight the good fight!