Here is the best way to learn woodworking

There is a secret to learning woodworking.

The secret is “Build Something”.
There are lots of plans on the internet, and many are simple enough that you can easily buy the materials and start getting tools for doing basic work.

The first time you anything the results may not be “perfect”, but the pride in building your own tables, cabinets, toys, signs, etc. far outweigh the effort!  As your skills continue to improve, you will be able to take on more elaborate projects.  Many questions you have can be answered on youtube videos or asking an “old-timer” like me.

Image result for workbench and tool boxImage result for workbench and tool box
An important place to start is your workshop.  You can buy a workbench kit or use a folding table with a board over it for protection – even sawhorses will do nicely (and fold away after).  Your tools can be in a box or on pegboard.  As long as you keep it clean and manageable, a good workshop area makes things much easier.
Pine shelving (1×12) and 1×2 and 1×3 pine boards can make almost anything, and cut easily.  you can use nails or screws to assemble the finished product, and pine finishes easily with paint or stain.  1/4″ plywood can be used for cabinet backs and bottoms.  Don’t worry if it is not perfect, sandpaper and wood filler cover a lot of “oops’s”.  You can get starter packs with assortments of nails and screws to fit almost any situation (remember that outdoor projects need coated or outdoor screws) – the links are to assortments on Amazon, but Home Depot, Lowes, and ACE hardware carry everything you need, and all the basics!

Professional tools are nice, but when you are starting out, basic tools are good, and you can replace with better ones as you go along.  You can also give any old tools to your kids as you upgrade to better equipment (just make sure they are supervised).  Here are some basic tool sets:

You will also need a saw, a drill, and basic clamps.
Easy woodworking projects, Books and plans from Amazon

Next time you need a cabinet, step stool, or shelves, get some woodworking plans and get out your tools!   You may also want to volunteer for groups like habitat for humanity where you can learn basic carpentry skills.  I have done it and enjoyed it a lot.  If you just need something small, and don’t have a place to cut up the wood – here are wood project kits you can build:

Precut wood project kits on Amazon

Precut wood project kits on EBay

If you really enjoy woodworking, and want to turn it into a serious hobby, here are some Woodworking plans and ideas:

9,000 plans for Furniture and Crafts – Mark Stuart

EZ wood project designer – just use a pencil! (Design Package)

Ted McGrath’s 16,000 woodworking plans!

Best of luck with your Woodworking projects!  Post pictures of your work so we can enjoy it too!  -Alan

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