Can I apply Danish or teak oil on a pressure timber?

Yes, but with some caveats; PTL (Pressure treated Lumber), if NEW construction, has a high moisture content. It may need to dry out and may also need some finish sanding before you apply the Oil finish. both Danish and Teak oil are not recommended for Decks or floors.

I would also recommend Teak Oil, as Danish oil is primarily for indoor use (but can be used outdoors). Note the Description on the Amazon page for Watco Teak Oil.

“Although I do like teak oilas a finish for exterior wood, it’s not usually recommended for decks. Foot traffic is the reason why. The grit and abrasion that happens to any deck will wear out an oil finish pretty quick.”

  • “new pressure-treated wood (requires a 6 – 8 week weathering period) or lumber that is water-repellent treated (requires a minimum 12 month weathering period).
  • Always remove any mildew, fungi, or nail rust prior to application with either oxalic acid or a bleach solution. Always clear water rinse the surface after cleaning.”